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Travel Size 30ml VM Gold Powder Spray Bottles with Fine Powder Sprayer

Travel Size 30ml VM Gold Powder Spray Bottles with Fine Powder Sprayer

Baby talcum powder dip powder spray bottles

  • Item No :

  • Order(MOQ) :

    10,000 pcs
  • Color :

  • Lead Time :

    25-30 Days
  • Material :

  • D*H :

    D 31* H 112
  • Volume :

    30ml 1 oz
  • Feature :

    Fine Powder Spray Bottles



Introducing the Travel Size 30ml VM Gold Powder Spray Bottles with Fine Powder Sprayer, the perfect companion for your on-the-go beauty routine. These bottles are not only practical and convenient; they also exude a touch of elegance with their sleek gold or silver vacuum metallic finish. 


Crafted from BPA-free and food-grade PETG material, these bottles are designed to meet the highest safety standards. The use of PETG ensures that your powders and cosmetic liquids remain free from contamination and retain their freshness. Similarly, the powder sprayers are made from BPA-free and food-grade PP material, providing a reliable and hygienic way to dispense fine powder.


The cylinder round shape of these bottles offers a compact and ergonomic design, making them easy to hold and use. The 30ml size is perfect for travel, allowing you to bring your favorite cosmetics and powders wherever you go.


We understand that personalization is key, which is why these bottles come with the option to customize the color to suit your preferences. Whether you want to match your brand's color scheme or simply express your personal style, these bottles can be tailored to your liking.


Furthermore, we offer custom silk screen printing and labeling options for the bottles. This allows you to add your logo, branding, or product information, making these bottles an ideal choice for businesses looking to create a professional and cohesive product line.


In summary, the Travel Size 30ml VM Gold Powder Spray Bottles with Fine Powder Sprayer are a must-have for beauty enthusiasts and businesses alike. With their BPA-free and food-grade materials, sleek metallic finish, customizable color options, and the ability to add custom silk screen printing and labels, these bottles provide both style and functionality. Experience the convenience and luxury of these travel-sized bottles while keeping your powders and cosmetics fresh and accessible wherever you go.




Travel Size 30ml VM Gold Powder Spray Bottles with Fine Powder Sprayer can be used for a variety of products that are in powder form. Here are some examples of products that could be used with these bottles:


  • Baby talcum powder: These bottles can be used to dispense baby talcum powder, providing a convenient and mess-free application.
  • Baking soda powder: Baking soda is a common household ingredient used for baking, cleaning, and deodorizing. These bottles can be used to spray baking soda powder in specific areas where needed.
  • Chilli powder: These bottles can be used to spray a fine layer of chilli powder, allowing for an even distribution of the flavor and spice onto food items.
  • Cumin powder: Similar to chilli powder, cumin powder can be sprayed onto dishes for enhanced flavor. The powder spray bottles can help control the amount dispersed.
  • Dip powder nail powder: Dip powder is often used in nail salons for manicures. These bottles can provide a controlled application of the powder during the nail-dipping process.
  • Hair styling powder: Some hairstyling products, such as texturizing powders or dry shampoos, come in powder form. These bottles can be used to spray the powder onto the hair, providing volume and texture.


Please note that while these bottles are suitable for use with powder products, it's essential to clean them thoroughly between different products to avoid cross-contamination and ensure the optimal performance of the sprayer.





  • We offer artwork processing, such as silk screen printing, froste matte processing, labeling, soft touch, vasuum metalizing.
  • The color of bottle and foam pump dispenser can be customized.






  • It's important to consider the compatibility and safety of the product with the plastic material.
  • Ensure that the product formulation is compatible with plastic and comply with any relevant regulations or guidelines for packaging specific products.
  • To make sure our packages are suitable for your products, please test with your formulation.
  • Our samples are free, please contact us if need to request samples. 



  • Looking for powder spray bottles? Please click HERE to review our options!
  • We also provide custom formulation, please take a look at our custom formulation section or leave us a message!


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