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3 ml 5 ml 10 ml Essential Oil Roller Bottles Frosted Matte Amber Roll on Glass Roller Bottles with Matte White Black Double Wall Cap

3 ml 5 ml 10 ml Essential Oil Roller Bottles Frosted Matte Amber Roll on Glass Roller Bottles with Matte White Black Double Wall Cap

3 ml 5 ml 10 ml Frosted Amber Roller On Glass Bottles

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    35-40 Days
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    3 ml 5 ml 10 ml
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    Frosted Matte Glass Roll on Bottle


   frosted matte glass roller bottlesfrosted amber glass roller bottles


Introducing our revolutionary Essential Oil Roller Bottles with Double Wall Cap, designed to provide an exceptional experience for all your aromatherapy and skincare needs. Engineered with precision and crafted with care, these bottles combine functionality, durability, and style to elevate your essential oil game to new heights.


Available in three convenient sizes - 3 ml, 5 ml, and 10 ml - our roller bottles are perfectly suited for both personal and professional use. Whether you're a seasoned essential oil enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, these bottles will become your trusted companions.

stainless steel roller on bottles

One of the standout features of our roller bottles is their double wall cap. This innovative design ensures maximum protection for your precious essential oils. The double walls provide an extra layer of insulation, shielding the oils from harmful UV rays and external elements that could compromise their potency and therapeutic benefits. With our double wall caps, rest easy knowing your oils are preserved in their optimal condition.

frosted matte amber glass roller on bottles


To suit your personal taste and aesthetic preferences, we offer two exquisite color options for the bottle itself: frosted matte amber and glossy amber. The frosted matte amber option exudes elegance and sophistication, providing a soft touch and diffusing the light for a unique visual experience. On the other hand, the glossy amber option showcases a vibrant and lustrous appearance, making a bold statement wherever it goes. Select the color that resonates with your style and personality.


frosted double wall cap

Additionally, our double wall caps are available in two stylish colors: matte white and matte black. These caps add a touch of sophistication and modernity to the overall design, perfectly complementing the bottle colors. However, we understand that customization is important to our customers, so we offer the flexibility to personalize the cap color to your liking, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized product.


Crafted from premium-quality glass, our roller bottles are durable and easy to use. The smooth glass surface ensures easy application and effortless rolling, while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance. Rest assured that you're investing in a product that will withstand the test of time, preserving the integrity of your essential oils.


Indulge in the ultimate sensory experience with our Essential Oil Roller Bottles with Double Wall Cap. Whether you’re sharing your favorite blends with loved ones or pampering yourself with self-care rituals, these bottles offer both functionality and style in every drop. Elevate your essential oil game and experience the difference today!




Our 3 ml, 5 ml, and 10 ml Essential Oil Roller Bottles can be used for a wide range of products and applications. Here are a few examples:


  • Essential Oil Blends: These roller bottles are ideal for creating and distributing your own custom essential oil blends. Whether you're combining different oils for relaxation, focus, or skincare, the roller ball allows for easy and precise application.
  • Aromatherapy Oils: Use the roller bottles to package and dispense aromatherapy oils. Whether you're crafting calming blends for stress relief or invigorating blends for energy, these bottles offer a convenient and mess-free way to apply aromatherapy oils.
  • Perfumes and Fragrances: Create your own signature scents and perfumes using these roller bottles. The compact sizes make them perfect for carrying in your purse or pocket, allowing for quick and easy touch-ups throughout the day.
  • Natural Remedies: Package your herbal or essential oil-based remedies, such as headache relief blends, muscle rubs, or allergy relief formulas, in these roller bottles. The stainless steel ball ensures smooth application and controlled dispensing of the desired amount.
  • Skincare Products: Roll-on skincare products like serums, under-eye treatments, or spot treatments can be housed in these roller bottles. The amber glass protects the integrity of the ingredients from UV rays and oxidation.
  • Wellness Products: From mood-enhancing oil blends to stress-relief formulations, these roller bottles are perfect for packaging wellness products that can be easily applied on the go.
  • Cosmetics: The roller bottles can also be used to package liquid or oil-based cosmetic products. From lip oils to cuticle treatments, these bottles offer a convenient and hygienic way to apply product directly to the desired area.


These are just a few examples of the versatile applications for our Essential Oil Roller Bottles. The compact sizes, stainless steel ball, and secure gold vacuum metallic cap make them suitable for a wide range of products in the beauty, wellness, and personal care industries. Let your creativity flow and explore the possibilities of these elegant and practical packaging solutions.

  • We offer artwork processing, such as silk screen printing, froste matte processing, labeling, soft touch, vasuum metalizing.
  • The color of glass bottle and plastic cap can be customized
  • This is how we pack the glass bottles.


glass bottle packaging



  • It's important to consider the compatibility and safety of the product with the glass material.
  • Ensure that the product formulation is compatible with the glass and comply with any relevant regulations or guidelines for packaging specific products.
  • To make sure our packages are suitable for your products, please test with your formulation.
  • Our samples are free, please contact us if need to request samples. 




  • We also provide custom formulation, please take a look at our custom formulation section or leave us a message!
  • We have various cap and roller ball for your choice.

essential oil roller bottle

silver vacuum metallic cap






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