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1000ml 32oz 1 Liter Clear PET Plastic Boston Round Bottle with Trigger Sprayer

1000ml 32oz 1 Liter Clear PET Plastic Boston Round Bottle with Trigger Sprayer

Boston Round Plastic Bottle Kitchen Cleaner Spray Bottles 

  • Item No :

  • Order(MOQ) :

    10,000 pcs
  • Color :

  • Lead Time :

    25-30 Days
  • Volume :

    1000ml 32oz 1 Liter
  • Feature :

    Boston Round Plastic Bottles
  • Material :

    BPA Free PET
  • Neck Size :





Introducing our 1000ml (32oz) 1 Liter Clear PET Plastic Boston Round Bottle with Trigger Sprayer—a versatile and convenient solution for all your liquid dispensing needs. This bottle is specifically designed in the classic Boston round shape to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.


Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free PET material, these bottles ensure the safe storage and transportation of your liquids. PET is a lightweight and durable plastic that is known for its excellent clarity, allowing you to showcase the contents of the bottle effortlessly.


The bottle comes in a transparent design, providing a crystal-clear view of the liquid inside. Complementing the clear bottle, the plastic trigger sprayer is sleek and black, delivering a sophisticated touch to the overall appearance.


With a 28-410 neck finish, this bottle is compatible with various closures and accessories, giving you flexibility in choosing the perfect fit for your products. Additionally, the bottle and the trigger sprayer are both customizable, enabling you to select the ideal colors that match your branding or personal preference.


Not only do these bottles offer great functionality, but they also provide opportunities for branding and customization. Our bottles can undergo various artwork processing techniques, including silk screen printing, hot stamping, frosted matte, labeling, vacuum metallic, and more. This allows you to create a unique and eye-catching design that represents your brand identity effectively.


Whether you're using these bottles for personal care products, cleaning solutions, or any other liquid applications, our 1000ml Clear PET Plastic Boston Round Bottle with Trigger Sprayer is a reliable, stylish, and customizable packaging solution that meets your needs. Trust in the quality and versatility of our bottles to enhance your product presentation and ensure a satisfying user experience.






The 1000ml (32oz) 1 Liter Clear PET Plastic Boston Round Bottle with Trigger Sprayer can be used for a variety of products in industries such as cosmetics, cleaning, and gardening. Here are some examples:


  • Household Cleaning Solutions: You can fill the bottle with cleaning solutions such as multipurpose cleaners, glass cleaners, disinfectants, or floor cleaners.
  • Personal Care and Beauty Products: This bottle is suitable for storing and dispensing various personal care items like hand sanitizers, body sprays, body lotions, hair sprays, shampoos, conditioners, or facial toners.
  • Gardening and Plant Care Products: It can be used for plant care products, including fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, or foliar sprays.
  • Automotive and Car Detailing Products: The bottle is suitable for automotive cleaning products like car wash soaps, tire cleaners, or windshield cleaners.
  • Pet Care Products: You can use it for pet grooming sprays, flea and tick repellents, or deodorizers.
  • Household and Industrial Chemicals: The bottle can also be used to store and dispense various chemicals like solvents, lubricants, or industrial cleaning solutions.
  • DIY and Crafting: It can be used for storing and dispensing various crafting materials such as paints, glues, or varnishes.


These are just a few examples, but the bottle's versatility allows for a wide range of product applications. Always ensure that the product you plan to fill the bottle with is compatible with PET plastic and the trigger sprayer mechanism.




  • The color of PET plastic bottle can be customized.
  • Available in private label, such as silk screen printing, labeling.




  • It's important to consider the compatibility and safety of the product with the plastic material.
  • Ensure that the product formulation is compatible with the plastic and comply with any relevant regulations or guidelines for packaging specific products.
  • To make sure our packages are suitable for your products, please test with your formulation.
  • Our samples are free, please contact us if need to request samples. 



  • We have various cap, sprayer and pump to pair with this bottle. Please take a look at closure section or contact us for recommendation.
  • We also provide custom formulation, please take a look at our custom formulation section or leave us a message!
  • Looking for boston round plastic bottle packaging? Please click HERE for more options!



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